Andrea, Brisbane
‘Hi JENNEN, we my husband and i purchased a pair of your shoes for our wedding that was in November. My husband is about 1cm taller then i am and on my wedding day i wanted to wear heels. i tried on heaps of shoes that didnt have heels or next to no heels so that i wouldnt look taller then my husband. this is a massive thing in our relationship. we have had fights when we have gone out and i have worn heels and been towering over my husband and it just wasnt an option for me to be able to wear heels on my wedding day, the day i had dreamt of since i was 16. that is when i was trying on the 100th pair of ugly no heel ladies shoes a shop assistant gave me a card of yours. i jumped on the internet that night a found the PERFECT pair of shoes for my husband and purchased them. we were so surprise when we recieved them at how good the quality was. since then he has worn them to a couple of other formal occasions. i have been thinking i might need another pair for less formal occasions so i can get use out of my high heels. thanks andrea.’

Andrea, Brisbane

Phil, Adelaide
‘Greetings. Attached are the before and after photos with my taller shoes that I recently purchased. The shoes are great. Can you believe it, I am now taller than my wife when we go out …. she loves it. Thanks heaps. Regards. Phil’

Phil, Adelaide

Sharyn, Adelaide
‘I purchased a pair of shoes for my now husband to wear on our wedding day. I wanted to wear high heels and when I do it makes me a teeny bit taller than him. They worked a treat! Attached is a photo of us on the day, with Marcus wearing your shoes. Regards, Sharyn.’

Sharyn, Adelaide

Sam, Brisbane
‘Here is a photo of us on our wedding day with my husband wearing your taller shoes. Thanks for helping us!’

Sam, Brisbane

Walter, NSW
‘Hi I bought my first pair of shoes from you and I am very happy with them. My confidence has skyrocketed and my friends are noticing the difference in me. Life feels great!! Thanks to the designers for the quality leather shoes with the much needed height I wanted. Thanks also to the staff for the quality customer service and prompt delivery of the shoes. I would love a pair of casual shoes, Mr Barnden Navy in Size 41. I appreciate your offer. Kind Regards, Walter Coruzzi’

Jared, NSW
‘Taller Staff I have recently received a pair of your blue boat shoes, I just love them so far, the hight bump is a great help in the day to day of business. Thank you very much Looking forward to buying many more pairs Kind regards Jared Camilleri President Emergency Light Productions’

Sally, VIC
‘Just a quick message Thankyou so much for the shoes we ordered absolutely fantastic I can now wear heels on our wedding day once again thank you’

Malcolm, NSW
‘To the staff, thanks, triple A for your quick response and delivery, I will be using your business again, and recommending your business to friends regards Mal’

Kevin, WA
‘Hi, I live in Kununurra in the Kimberley, ideal weather for riding my Harley Davidson, Streetbob to work. The only problem when I purchased the bike was my legs weren’t quite long enough to feel stable when stationary. The bike suspension and seat could not go down any further, so I had to go up! Taller Shoes are the answer. Not only could I get stylish work shoes but they are designed so you really don’t notice the ‘lift’ hidden by your trouser bottoms. Great innovation, I can now ride my Harley with confidence and style. Well done Taller! Cheers Kevin Hannagan Kununurra, in the magnificent Kimberley’

Trevor, QLD
‘Hello I just wanted to let you know how very pleased I am with these taller shoes you are marking. Not only is the quality A+ but for me being 5.7 and my girlfriend with shoes on is 5.10. I am now as tall as her with shoes on and it feels fantastic. The great thing is you can’t even tell the shoes are elevated due to your design. I was never too concerned about my height but now I have tried your shoes, I can’t believe what a difference it makes to my confidence levels. So thank you for creating your fine product and be proud of the satisfaction you are bringing to men. Keep up the great work. Trevor – Gold Coast Queensland.’

Steven, ACT
‘Hi, I received my order today and I just wanted to say I’m very satisfied. The beautifully designed shoes alone would be enough for me to buy them and the height increase just makes it all the more worthwhile. Please keep this awesome product line going, I’ll certainly be a return customer. (7 pairs already!) =).’

Jim, NSW
‘Hi. I just want to thank you for your VERY quick delivery & excellent pair of shoes I purchased. Thank you very much, Jim’

Derrick, USA
‘Hi – Thank you for the prompt and courteous reply. I very much appreciate your offer to special order a pair of the shoes for me, but since you will have more in stock in a couple of months, I can wait until then. I purchased a pair of shoes from you a few weeks ago and am exceptionally pleased with the quality. Best regards, Derrick’

Reza, WA
‘Hello, I received my shoes today and tried them. It’s Really great. I loved it very much. This is just to thank you and also advise you that I would welcome to make a testimonial clip to have another pairs. Thank you very much, Reza’ 

Jed, New Zealand
‘Hi there, I have worn your shoes for a couple months now and I would like the opportunity to film a video testimonial to gain a free pair of shoes. I am doing a degree at Christchurch Inst. Technology in Multimedia Design so I know about appropriate filming techniques/editing; I just need some instructions on what to comment on in the video. Much appreciated, Jed Mabin.’ 

Laszlo, QLD
‘Hi there,… just want to say a HUGE thank you for your prompt attention. I got the shoes the next day. Just wasn’t able to let you know straightaway was so busy…Thanks,… laszlo’ 

Cynthia, NSW
‘Hi there, We are very impressed over the speed of delivery and quality of your shoes, very interested in doing the video Testimonial for free shoes, please email me the instructions. Cheers’ 

Gavin, New Zealand
‘Hi, Thanks for your prompt response. Turned out the shoes were held up at customs but all sorted now, got them this morning so couldn’t be happier. I really appreciate your help. Cheers, Gavin’ 

Banan, Emirates
‘Hi. Just want to thank you for fast shipment to UAE. The shoes is waw. And fits my husband foot . He likes quality and shape. Thank a lot. We will order more’ 

Robert, ACT
‘Many thanks to all for such efficient customer service. I will be purchasing more shoes from Taller. Rob’ 

Dion, QLD
‘Dear guys at Taller, I recently purchased a beautiful pair of leather dress shoes and lift soles from you. I wore them to the races on Melbourne Cup day for the first time for the entire day and evening in comfort. And I just loved them so much!! I am hoping that you might send me some information, so that I may still be able to participate in your free shoe offer, by completing a video testimonial. Thank you again, very much. Looking forward to your reply.’ 

Michael, VIC
‘I love these I have a pair and I ware then all the time. Finaly I can walk with confidene. Im overweight, Im 107 kilos 🙁 and im only 174cm without shoes on. But with these amazing shoes Im 182cm which is 6 foot and now all I need to do is loose weight and il look great!!!!!!’ 

Matt, New Zealand
‘Hi, I just wanted to thank you for all your help yesterday. I appreciate you organising the faster dispatch. I’m looking forward to checking out the shoes when they arrive. Cheers Matt’ 

William, NSW
‘Thank you for the excellent service and super prompt delivery of my Taller shoes. The shoes are beautiful and I am looking forward to wearing them at my upcoming wedding. I would be happy to provide a video testimonial Please email me your instructions. Once again thank you sincerely, William T McIntyre’ 

Christopher, NSW
’Thanks mate, I went to your Sydney store and bought 2 pairs, happy with both,cheers :)’ ’ 

Joshua, QLD
‘Hi, I recently purchased a pair of shoes from you and very happy, could you please send me the info i need to post a video for the free pair of shoes. Cheers Josh.’ 

Chirstopher, NSW
‘Hi, I have received my shoes and they are wonderful! They are very comfy and should make me that bit taller on my wedding day. Thank you for the extremely fast delivery. I would love to take up the offer of the video reference in exchange for another pair of shoes. Could you please send me the details? Regards, Christopher’ 

Alan, NSW
‘I purchased shoes yesterday got them today sensational ‘ 

Patrick, SA
‘Hi, received the new shoes today, fit great , thanks heaps, Patrick’ 

Ann, QLD
‘Hi We received them today! You must have received and sent them since the email this morning. I am so grateful for your wonderful effort. By the way – the shoes fit perfectly and we are very happy with them. Thanks again Ann, (and Minoru) Yamasaki’ 

Christin, QLD
‘Thank you for our purchase 🙂 as always fast delivery and perfect product 🙂 That size is perfect so thank you for your help Regards, Christin’ 

Simon, QLD
‘Dear sir/madam, I would like to thank and commend you on your service. I am 37 and have worked in construction all my life. Two days ago I placed a order via my phone for a pair of shoes. This was my first ever online purchase. My line of work being mostly hands on there is little or no call for me to use computers. Hence I am almost computer illiterate. Your site was a breeze to navigate and the prices and quality seemed very good online. Having never shopped online it seemed to me to be somewhat risky, especially with sizes. I took the advice given regarding the shoes in question (Modesto) and ordered one size larger. All this was done from the cabin of my allterrain mobile crane on an isolated mine site 450 km west of Brisbane in under five minutes. That was on the 27/05/13. To be honest, I was less than confident on the pending outcome. The next day was the last of my 21 day roster so I headed home to Brisbane. Lo and behold, to my surprise when upon arriving home around midday my order was already delivered! Ripping straight into it I was more than pleasantly surprised. It’s not often in life you get exactly what you want but I did thanks to Taller. Everything from the box to the bottom of the soles was perfect. A stylish well made shoe of exemplary quality for a very competitive price. Add to that the fact that they were there in approx 24 hours. Once again I thank you. The shoes were purchased specifically for my anniversary this coming Friday 31/05. I am only 176cm-5″7 . My strikingly beautiful lover whilst perfectly proportioned tops out at a touch over 6″ before she dons her heels. I’ve always been aware but not overly concerned of being a little on the short side but this Friday I’ll be holding my head high. High enough to kiss my lady without her stooping down. I have already recommended the service’s of Taller to several of my vertically challenged colleges and I will definitely be a repeat customer. Yours in appreciation, Simon’ 

Christina, NSW
‘Thank you so much 🙂 always a pleasure to deal with your company. And thank you for your kind wishes for our wedding. I will be back for more shoes, on your website regularly looking at your new styles. I’m waiting for some dark brown or mustard brown dress shoes for him now after a younger square point shoe for him. We’re in our mid 20s so on the hunt for stylish brown shoes 🙂 will keep checking ur latest stock. Thank you again and will let you know how the shoes go 🙂 Regards, Christina Tanasovska’ 

Vevian, NSW
Hello, Thank you so much for delivering these shoes. Just wanted to let you know they were a perfect size! Thanks heaps!! Thanks, Kind Regards, Vevian’ 

Andrei, Romania
‘Hello, I received today the shoes….they are awesome.thanks. In a couple of days i will send you the testiomonial video. Best regards, Andrei’ 

Christina, NSW
‘Thanks so much your shoes are amazing I love them especially with girls and our heels these days :)) defiantly a satisfied always returning customer. Regards, Christina’ 

Renee, WA
‘thanks so much, he tried the shoes and they are perfect. I will be recommending you guys to everyone! :-), Renee’ 

Umar, UK
‘Hi, Just want to say a big thanks! Shoes are perfect and delivered well on time. Really appreciate everything and will be shopping with yourselves again! Umar Ali’ 

Arindam, Norway
‘Hi again, I have received my order. Everything is in perfect conditions. I am very happy to see and wear the shoes.They are perfectly fitting and feel comfortable. Thank you so much. regards, Arindam’ 

Sam, QLD
‘Hello, I was very excited to receive my shoes today – very impressed with the speed of delivery! Many thanks! Sam.’ 

John, QLD
‘i bought a pair of Altua jnk Ferras boots and am really happy with them – the leather is very soft and has a shiny black finish. thanks…..John.’ 

Vu, SA
‘Received , thank you. Looking to order another pair . Cheers Vu.’ 

Nathan, NSW
‘Will do. I have purchased your shoes before. I really love them. Great product. Regards Nathan’ 

Joseph, NSW
‘Hi there, I’ve just received my Loftus shoes today and I am soooooo stoked. I’m really impressed with the build quality. Before receiving them, I was expecting to be walking around on my tipped toes. I’ve just given them a spin around the house and I am amazed at the way it naturally supports my foot when I walk. I also love the fact that no one can tell that they are height lifting shoes. I am soooo impressed with your shoes that I am going to buy another pair right now (and probably another pair after that…..and another pair). I would like to buy the Bertoncello as well as the 1.6cm shoe lifts. I am wearing size 44. Do I need to get one Euro size larger to accommodate the 1.6cm shoe lift? I look forward to your speedy reply as I am busting to place my order on your site right now! Thank you Regards Joseph’ 

Robin, QLD
‘Just received my shoes they are very comfortable and a perfect fit. You will definitely receive future business from me’ 

Scott, SA
‘I recently brought one of the dress shoes and I’m really happy with them. I wanted to get some casual shoes for summer to wear shorts. But I’m worried that my ankle will show, and that will make it noticeable that I’m wearing these kind of shoes. So I was wondering if you had some selection in the casual range that hides the ankle. I would rather something that didn’t have a heel. Thanks a lot, really happy with the previous product, Scott’ 

Omkar, New Zealand
‘i received shoes and i liked it very much….thank you’ 

Eddy, WA
‘Hi Taller, I just wanted to give you an update, I received the new shoes size 43 on Friday and I have been wearing them for the last 4 days at work, the new size is perfect! they feel great I could walk around in these all days and after awhile I even stopped noticing that I was on a heel shoe. Thank you for the quick delivery and good customer service…I will be purchasing some more shoes so keep an eye out for my orders 🙂 Thanks, Eddy’

Sheikh, Pakistan
‘Hi, Today we just received the both shoes, it was really awsom. I would like to place an order for 2 pairs for my brother also. Again thank you for your good support and best quality products’

Aza, NSW
‘Hi, I am a big fan of your shoes and got them through mail the last time; was very happy with them. I will be in Sydney sometime in December and I was wondering if I could ask for sizes to be kept aside for me to try on with the insoles. Regards, Aza’

Alexander, TAS
‘Have bought shoes from you before. Was very pleased and they perform exactly as advertized. Thanks.’ 

Vilandeth, Laos
‘Dear Mr.…., I am writing this letter to place on record my deep sense of gratitude for the very timely and personal support given by you during my hour of need. Your mentoring has meant a great deal to me and I look forward to your continued. Thank you in advance for your attention to this matter Regards, Vilandeth’ 

Trevor, NSW
‘Thanks for your service, love your shoes.’ 

Ray, ACT
‘Hi there, Just wanted to say thanks. The shoes arrived fine and fit well. Thanks again, Ray’ 

Raymond, Hong Kong
‘Many Thanks! Your service is immaculate.’ 

Jamie, VIC
‘Hi there Jamie here , big fan of your shoes , just a question , if I payed extra , any possiblity that a pair of boots can be fitted with steel caps over them?’ 

Scott, QLD
‘Hello, The shoes as per below receipt arrived today (absolutely brilliant, really impressed with the quality!) Thanks, Scott’ 

Vikramjit, Malaysia
‘I previously purchased a pair and it was shipped straight to Malaysia. Thank you very much for the free insoles (shoe lifts). I am an in between 41 and 42 and it helped a lot. I hope you will repeat this kind gesture. My shoes have impressed many since. Would there be a chance of opening a store here? Avery satisfied customer, Vikramjit.’ 

Vladimir, Serbia
‘Dear sir/madame, Few days ago I have receved ordered shoes-Steedam. Very good design,made with quality materials and it gives the full confort. So, i’m very satisfied with this shoes. Best regards, Vladimir’ 

Adele, VIC
‘Hi Jenen, Thank you so much for your service. We received the shoes in the mail and we love them. My fiancé is 6ft for the first time in his life. We are so happy we will be referring your store to everyone we know and of course continue to purchase. Once again thank you for your fantastic customer service. Kind regards, Adele Baker’ 

Megan, SA
‘Thank you so very much for your prompt service. We received the boots today & are thrilled. Very happy customer, Kind Regards Megan’ 

David, NSW
‘Thanks so much for your great products. Would appreciate urgent and immediate delivery. Would love to where these this Friday.’ 

James, QLD
‘Dear JENNEN, Thank you very much for the speedy order response and fast delivery of the shoes! They arrived yesterday, and I tried them on. They look great…Cheers, James’ 

Judith, NSW
‘Hi JENNEN. Thank you for your help with the boots they fit great excellent customer service Cheers’ 

Jorge, USA
‘I like your shoes, please email me when you have my size 9d U.S.A’ 

Isaiah, USA
‘Hello. My actors have used shoe lifts in the past, in their shoes, and they are uncomfortable. These shoes seem to be comfy, stylish, and offer a good lift (Nothing too absurd). Thanks!; 

Madeleine, VIC
‘The shoe lifts worked, hopefully the shoes will follow suit.’

Nishant, UK
‘Dear JENNEN, Thank you! Received the much awaited shoes. Thank you. Regards, Nishant’ 

Farina, NSW
‘Love your shoes! Would be great if my order arrives before fathers day 🙂 cheer!’

Rod, WA
‘Hello I’m Rod am from Perth an work in the mines in WA I got told about the Taller shoes a while ago and always being short thought I’d give them ago. At first I thought people would notice the differance straight away being I just went for broke and got a 3inch pair but the first time I wore then not one person noticed which I think was a bonus I got noticed alot more Which is what I was after I didn’t want the people I knew to notice it was the ones I was trying to meet while being out.’ 

Michael, NSW
‘THANK YOU! You are a Champion! Regards Michael’ 

Jarrad, SA
‘Hi JENNEN, Received my shoes today the fit is much better thank you for all your help and getting them back to me so quickly, your service has been great! Thanks again Jarrad’ 

Matthew, VIC
‘Thanks so much for investing in us short guys!’ 

Brad, VIC
‘Hi JENNEN, Thank you very much for the innersole lifts. I received them today & appreciate your prompt service & attention! Thank you !!’ 

Angelo, VIC
‘Thanks JENNEN, very happy with my purchase, have already mentioned them to a few of my friends. Good luck, Angelo’ 

Chris, QLD
‘Hi JENNEN, The package arrived late this afternoon and the shoes are immaculate. Thank you for all your efforts. I will be sure to recommend your services to my other height challenged mates! Regards, Chris’

Stephen, QLD
‘Hi guys, would just like to thank you on your very quick response to exchanging my shoes over. The new ones are great,once again many thanks. Stephen.’ 

Daniel, WA
‘Cheers for the helpful service over the phone! can’t wait to use my new shoes. Daniel.’ 

Frank, USA
‘Thanks again! I am really happy with the shoes and have recommended them to a couple of friends. All the best, -Frank’ 

Colin, VIC
‘Thanks Jennen, shoes are high quality and make my confidence much higher’ 

Shiva, NSW
‘Hi JENNEN, Thanks very much for this it is very unexpected and much appreciated. I will take you up on your advice and use those soles accordingly! Thanks again I have been using a your shoes for a few years and will continue to do so in the future. Cheers Shiva.’ 

Natalie, WA
‘Thank you so much for your email – awesome service! Regards, Natalie.’ 

Cecillia, NSW
‘Dear JENNEN Just to let you know that my husband has found his new sports shoes to be very comfortable. Many thanks. Cecilia’ 

James, New Zealand
‘Hi JENNEN…I just wanted to let you know that the sizes you chose for me are perfect. The 41 Bedetti would definitely have been too small. But the 41 Bocceherini is not too large either. Both shoes are exactly the right size. I’m also really happy with both pairs of shoes. I like the way both look. And the quality definitely seems to be there as well. I’ve ordered from four different elevator shoe companies and your shoes are undoubtedly the nicest and best quality. So I expect I will order from you again in the future. I am already eying up a few other pairs, but I’ll have to reign in the spending for just a bit. Thank you. James’ 

Trevor, NSW
‘love your shoes!’ 

Mohamad, Egypt
‘Shoes arrived thanks a million’ 

Robert, WA
‘The “Ferras” boots which I purchased recently are extremely comfortable, beautifully made and very stylish. Thank you.’ 

Harry, NSW
‘Thank you for the shoes, they came within one day of ordering and were very comfortable, I don’t know why you would discontinue the 4 inch shoes as it was not obvious at all; unless you are going to wear them with shorts. So I would recommend that you continue to make these size shoes as anyone that has complained about them are just whingers. Thanks again and I would recommend your shoes to anyone.’ 

Julz, QLD
‘Hello! I love the shoes!!!!!! Thank you for your prompt order sending – I recieved the shoes only a few days after placing the order – excellent service!!! Regards, Julz’ 

Reji, NSW
‘Hi JENNEN, I have received your delivery of shoes yesterday and very happy about your quick and efficient service. Thanks a lot, Reji’ 

Mark, NSW
‘Hi JENNEN, I picked up the boots today, I just wanted to say thanks again for the professional courtesy and quality service. My regards, Mark’ 

Dash, VIC
‘Thank you so much for making a shoe like that.’ 

Angie, NSW
‘Hi JENNEN, Sorry for the late reply. I have received my shoes. Really happy with it. Once again thank you so much. Kind regards Angie’ 

Jacqueline, WA
‘You rock. Thank you!’ 

Matt, NSW
‘Hi, I have purchased many pairs of your shoes (& lifts) and to date they have been fantastic in terms of quality and durability…. Regards. Matt.’ 

Richard, NSW
‘Hi JENNEN, I have purchased 4 pairs of your shoes, I feel great in them with the extra height they gave me… I got the Scarlatti, but I believe it’s more a party and going out shoe…. I really like the Busoni, got 2 pairs to rotate around. 

Mounir, Italy

Craig, WA
‘Hi JENNEN, So my order arrived and I picked it up no worries. They are stunning shoes…..Thanks Craig’ 

Sam, NSW
‘Hi JENNEN, I cant express how thankful i am for you’re help and support, i cant repay as much as i would like to, if i can get 5 percent of Sydney to know about you and you’re services (you may need to open a store up here). Again thank you!’ 

Rudy, Indonesia
‘Hi JENNEN…..a pair of your beautiful shoes has just arrive in my hand to day. Wow….they are really good quality shoes and the size fits and comfortable to wear. I should arrange another order someday. Thank you for your excellent support. Rudy Yusuf, Makassar – Indonesia’ 

Adit, NSW
‘Hi there, I got the shoes and it fits perfectly. Thank you so much for your help. Cheers!!!’ 

Matt, NSW
‘Just got back from following Orbital on tour in the UK and loved wearing my Mr. JNK Blates at the gigs…finally I could see the stage no matter where I stood…except when I went to Cambridge…Cambridge was full of the tallest people I’ve ever seen at a gig. It was like being at a gig full of basketball players!’

Phil, WA
‘Please call to get my credit card details. Thanks again, beautiful shoes!’

James, QLD
‘Hello, Sorry, I’m not sure why Paypal was trying to claim back from you. If there is any more troubles with Paypal let me know. I will also be purchasing shoes again within 2 months. Your store is excellent! Kind regards, James’ 

Brian, QLD
‘Hi JENNEN, Thank you for sending my order so quickly, I am going overseas next Monday and am hoping to have them for that. I am really pleased with the shoes I recently purchased, and will be a regular customer from now on. Thanks again for your prompt response. Regards Brian.’ 

Tom, New Zealand
‘Hi JENNEN, All arrived- thanks very much, I am very impressed, will certainly be ordering some casual shoes in next few weeks, cheers tom.’ 

Babatola, Canada
‘Hi JENNEN, I just purchased another shoe from your store. This is because I like the previous ones that I had purchased from your store late last year. Thanks, Babatola’ 

Renee, QLD
‘Hi JENNEN, just wanted to let you know that my husbands shoes I ordered for a wedding next weekend arrived yesterday. They fit him perfectly, great quality and what a difference they have made!! Thank you very much we are both very happy. Kind Regards Renée.’ 

Allan, New Zealand
‘Hi JENNEN, Very happy with the shoes! I would now like to buy inner soles…Kind regards, Allan’ 

Chris, NSW
‘Hi JENNEN, It’s me again. Thanks for the shoes. The site looks a lot better than before. Well done. 🙂 Chris’ 

Allan, VIC
‘Hello, I purchased a pair of shoes from you and just wanted to let you know that I’m very impressed with the quality and the finish of them. They fit really well and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you, Allan’ 

Shelley, WA
‘I absolutely love your website and the concept that men can actually be taller without noticing! Thank you’ 

Minh, NSW
‘Hi Guys, I managed to finally get the shoes this morning. It didn’t make it to my friends shop on Tuesday and so I had to pick it up at the post office. This pair of shoe lovely, it fits perfectly! Cheers, Minh’ 

Thomas, Germany
‘Hi JENNEN, just picked up your shoes at the german customs…Shoes are great. Very good quality and the look is excellent.Size 40 fits perfect.’ 

Allan, New Zealand
‘Hi JENNEN. Well can you believe it? They arrived this morning by Courier and were inside the foyer we’re my daughter had placed them at 7:30 AM. They look great, tried on and they fit like a glove and I can’t believe how comfortable they are. I’m really thrilled with the purchase. Thanks again, I’m sure I will be a returning customer. 🙂 Best wishes, Allan’ 

Keiran, NSW
‘Just a short note to acknowledge that the goods have arrived and to thank you for your prompt, efficient and friendly service. Regards, Keiran’ 

Athina, NSW
‘Hello, just letting you know that i have received the parcel already….that is unbelievable service! Thank you very much. Kind regards, Athina’ 

Colin, QLD
‘Hi JENNEN, the shoe lifts have arrived and shoes now fit better than ever. They are great. Thanks and cheers Colin’ 

Amgad, Egypt
‘Thanks JENNEN I just received my order. Everything is ok thanks again’ 

Matt, NSW
‘I received my Mr. JNK Blates in the post yesterday and all I can say is they’re AMAZING! They look fantastic and I feel a lot taller. Wore them out last night and had a totally different perspective on the world. Thanks’ 

Cecilia, NSW
‘Shoes have arrived and size is good. Many thanks. A very quick turnaround too. Regards Cecilia’ 

Hasib, New Zealand
‘Thank you very much. Your business fuels confidence into stature short guys such as myself. Thank you for making a difference for us.’ 

Mohamed, Egypt
‘Hello jenne. Mohamed kaddah from Cairo Egypt I just want to thanks for your product I received the shoe alinijad and I want to order for four pairs more by the same way. Mr JNK. Bertoncello, ferras, dvorak ،Boccherini Thanks. Plz send for the total money wanted to transfer it to your account’ 

Johnathon, QLD
‘4th pair in as many days if they wern’t good as they say (and they are as good) I wouldnt be buying them.’ 

Alister, New Zealand

Harris, Malaysia
‘Thank you very much and I really appreciate. is good been a customer and I will make more good purchase from your online store because I see it been one of the best online store to get the real shoes for men. Thanx. Customer.’ 

Kim, NSW
‘Shoes just arrived this morning, they look great. Thanks for the quick dispatch.’ 

Monique, WA
‘Hello, We received your fantastic shoes today they are grate! Thank you, Monique’ 

Paul, NSW
‘Loved my two other pairs. Good products.’ 

Alister, New Zealand
‘Love the service, have used before, happy to give a referece etc’ 

Trevor, NSW
‘Happy with previous purchases.’ 

Nelson, NSW
‘Hi JENNEN, First I just want to express my most sincerest thanks for your help. Your company not only helped shorties like us, but the services in terms of quality, speed and courtesy cannot be matched. I will order a new pair of MR JNK Inverno 38.’ 

Bryce, VIC
‘This is my fourth pair, love them!’ 

Trevor, NSW
‘Thanks for the last delivery’ 

Johnathon, QLD
‘Thanks for your kindness on the phone’ 

Elijah, NSW
‘Thank you sir/madam. I got the package today. Your customer service is brilliant and I will be shopping with you in the future. As a 174cm gent, I was 184 yesterday all thanks to your shoes and I was ultra confident. Once again thank you.’ 

Thusha, NSW
‘hi JENNEN, My husband really like the shoe. Very comfortable and nice looking. I wnat to a get another pair for him for x mass, when are you closing for Christmas. Regards, Thusha’ 

Angelo, NSW
‘Happy Customer ….! Cheers1’ 

Ernest, NSW
‘Hi JENNEN, Thank you for the prompt reply & service. I have received the shoes by Express Post yesterday! this is my 4th order from you & have no problems whatsoever with posting, shoes etc. I have recommended this for everyone too. The Boots Ferras is absolutely good, But my heart is still with the Kreisler – I should have ordered my size earlier. For sure, I will get them next time when its available. Thank you so much!’ 

Adam, NSW
‘Received today, fit perfectly. Thanks. Kind regards, Adam’ 

Caroline, VIC
‘Thank you for your prompt service and email. Your webpage is very user friendly, and very clear and well made.’ 

Jimi, WA
‘cheers to melbourne….totally love it’ 

Sonia, VIC
‘Hi JENNEN, I have received the shoes and they are beautiful…Kind regards, Sonia.’ 

Rom, NSW
‘Thanks for your great products! regards, Romit.’ 

David, VIC
‘A friend bought a pair and recommended them!’ 

‘I have bought three pairs of shoes, the quality is excellent and it gives me the added height and confidence I need as my wife loves to wear high heels. No longer do I feel like an idiot when she towers over me. Great design and great product.’ 

Paul, VIC
‘Hello JENNEN…..they are a good quality shoe and will consider purchasing shoes from your store in future. I will also order another set of the 1.6cm insoles from your site.’ 

Van, VIC
‘Hi, I came in today, and I am really like the shoes…I will shopping more in your shops soon…..thanks for your reply….have a great day JENNEN…’ 

Adam, QLD
‘First of all I would like to give you some positive feedback on your product ~ the shoes arrived in 3 days are of the utmost quality and style. I will recommend them to anyone that is feeling short in the future..Secondly I have a question about your Shoe Lifts – which are more practical? I mean I want to go for maximum lift of course, but are the 1.6cm Lifts going to pose a problem with certain shoes at all? I plan to wear them mainly in boots (as I know that trainers or similar aren’t going to work too well). So should I just go all out and order some of the 1.6cm Lifts? Help me out. Kind regards and thank you once again, Adam.’ 

Prak, QLD
‘Hi Guys, just received my shoes. I must say that i am quite surprised and elated at the quality of the product. Also, i am thinking of buying another pair at the moment, as i am in need of a pair of black shoes for a formal. Please give me a call to discuss. Prak’ 

Joseph, New Zealand
‘Hi JENNEN, Are delighted with the shoes I had ordered some weeks ago. May I please  purchase and have forwarded a pair of the below shoes  Mr.  JNK XTS . I would also like to purchase the shoe lifts. I look forward to your reply., Thanks kind regards Joseph.’ 

Christian, WA
‘Hi JENNEN.. Shoes have arrived! Thank goodness, I was begining to stress a little. Once again thanks for all your effort & thanks again for the prompt service and great product. The shoes are swish and look great.. One happy married man to be! Take care.. Look forward to doing business with you again. Kindest regards, Christian.’ 

Patrick, NSW
‘the wedding was awesome, everithing just perfect.thanks to your shoes JENNEN. i was more confidence on the stage=D. Please let me know if you have new products in your store.’ 

Colin, NSW
‘Hi, I bought a couple of pairs of shoes from you last year and I must say I have never worn anything else since, they are very durable and comfortable along with the little extra height inserted into the insole. I am just about to make another purchase on a casual pair, however I I notice below my check out page there is a coupon code, nevertheless how do I obtain a code. Kind regards, Colin.’ 

Chris, WA
‘Great customer service, great product – beautiful shoes I should add!’ 

Natalie, NSW
‘Thanks, the shoes fit and he is very happy. Natalie’ 

Victoria, NSW
‘Dear JENNEN, They fit!!! Thank you so much for everything!!! Victoria’ 

Natalie, NSW
‘Hi JENNEN, Received the shoe’s via express post this morning, I love them and have showed everyone at work and they were all also impressed!! Hopefully they fit and he loves them. Thanks for all your help. Cheers Natalie.’ 

Suharto, WA
‘Hi JENNEN, please make sure you send it to my home address this time…..Thanks. Suharto, Ps I love my shoes’ 

 Michael, NSW

‘Hey JENNEN, the half size Casella arrived and they are perfect. Thanks again mate. If you have a mailing list – please put me on it or is it best just to check in with website? Cheers, Michael’ 

Victoria, NSW
‘Dear JENNEN, We received the shoes thank you very much!!!’ 

Victor, NSW
‘Hi JENNEN, I got my boots (Ferras) on Monday, thank you! They look so beautiful….Thanks, Vahid’ 

Arkom, NT
‘This is my forth pair of shoes from your website and I still love all of them’ 

Hayden, VIC
‘Hello Forgot to email back, I received these on Saturday! They were a little loose without the shoe lifts, but once I put those in they fit nicely and look good too. Thank you, Hayden’ 

Robyn, NSW
‘Hi we received these very impressive shoes yesterday….these are fantastic a1 quality and 1st class leather would recommend these shoes to everyone who wants beautiful shoes….Robyn & Greg McKellar.’

Ray, NSW
‘JENNEN All is good received this morning – thank you !! Ray’ 

Karen, SA
‘We loved the first pair of shoes; now buying some wedding shoes! thank you’ 

Deborah, USA
‘Hello! My parents received the shoes today!!  They were quite impressed!!!! I can’t wait for my fiance to try on the shoes tomorrow when we go to their place! Thanks again! Deb’ 

Leigh, QLD
‘Good to find someone who can cater for us smaller people when the ladies are wearing there high heels. thanks for your store, your a life saver, cheers.’ 

Brad, WA
‘Hi JENNEN, just letting you know that the shoes arrived and they fit perfect! Thanks for your help’ 

Hasham, WA
‘Hi JENNEN, I received the shoes yesterday and they fit great! Im extremley happy with them!’ 

Tish, NSW
‘the shoes are awesome man. very happy with them. cheers!’ 

Kim, WA
‘Hi JENNEN Thank you,  the shoes are good, will look forward to wearing them.’ 

Lincoln, VIC
‘Hi JENNEN, Thanks for sending through the update, its greatly appreciated. I have received the shoes and am extremely happy with them, they look wonderful and the style difference cannot be noticed. Have a great weekend. Regards, Lincoln.’ 

Nishanka, VIC
‘Thanks for selling me a good quality pair of shoes, I trust you will do the same again’

Google Rating
Based on 461 reviews
Google Rating
Based on 461 reviews