May 14, 2021

How to Style Up for Your Wedding with Elevator Shoes

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Weddings are enchanting events—marked by the wafting aroma of love and a crisp sense of formal fashion: sleek tuxedos, smart suits and a host of bedazzling wedding shoes.

Formal events like weddings always ask one to wear confidence in the form of the most graceful attire, straight from the Victorian wardrobes of history, yet modified just a bit to add that modern charm. The problem? Making the right choice.

Chances are, if it is your wedding around the corner, you’re probably sweating about what to wear. We, at JENNEN Shoes, understand your dilemma, and while we’ll leave the matter of tuxes and suits to your better half, it’s the formal shoes where we’ll lay bare our expertise, just for you.

From smart, every-occasion shoes to designs with an appealing twist, read on to style up with your favourite formal elevator shoes.


Wedding Shoes? Back in Black!

Okay, we apologize for referencing the hit AC/DC soundtrack, but we’re not wrong here. Actually, when it comes to formal shoes, black never left. It’s the number one colour pick for formal occasions, be it black-tie or white-tie events

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that every shoe design out there has a black variant—irrespective of the occasion.

Because of their legendary formal status, black formal shoes are great for any such occasion or event where you want to look dapper:

  • A polished pair of black formals is the perfect match for black suits or tuxedos—this is the holy grail of formal attire
  • Wearing light grey, dark grey or navy-blue? Black shoes will always match your style
  • Want a pair that works in semi-formal or casual occasions? Opt for black loafers or Chelsea boots

Such is the power of black that you can never go wrong with this choice.

Suggestion: Make the most of sophisticated black, textured leather upper and cap toes with JENNEN’s Mr. Cavalli shoes—the best dress shoes that let you stand taller by 7cm.

Because everyone loves Chocolate—Brown Shoes

We just can’t help but fall in love with brown formal shoes again and again, and we bet it’s the same case with you. There is almost a raw, sensual appeal to brown leather—it doesn’t let you take your eyes off it.

Because brown and its shades are earthy, it’s always sensible to pair them up with warm and neutral shades of suits and tuxedos to build a uniformity. Unlike black, the colour brown opens up more avenues for experimentation.

As your wedding shoes, brown formals even allow you to rock grey, charcoal or blue suits. Pair with the right accents (hint: matching watch straps and belts) and you can walk the aisle knowing you made the right choice.

Suggestion: Take your love to the next level with Mr. Bruch or Mr. Gounod shoes—exclusively JENNEN, exclusively brown, exclusively you.

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A Casual Affair

Although you’ll be busy deciding the theme for your wedding with your partner, if either of you has any inclination for a formal-yet-laid-back event, take up the aisle with formal shoes that—just like you—don’t hesitate to showcase the casual side within.

Slip-ons, as we mentioned earlier, are the soul of laid-back, especially in their formal avatar. Picks like Mr. Cage, Mr. Feldman or Mr. Brand, are some of the best slip-on formal shoe designs from JENNEN Shoes that give you a sharp look for your wedding without taking away the comfort of simplicity.

What do you get?

  • Freedom: Lace-free, hassle-free design
  • Gorgeous Black Upper: Black is formal to the core. Did we mention that? Oh yes, we did
  • Accents: From stitch-lines, seams to light brown wooden and rubber outsoles

These effortless pairs are the end-product of JENNEN’s designers wanting to bring the comfort of slip-ons without breaking the concept of formal shoes—a love marriage between two opposing forces.

Let us ask you something, though: why would you wear these formal shoes just for your wedding? These are chameleons of the footwear kingdom—pair with any outfit and you’ll only look good.

Take a Flamboyant Approach— The JENNEN Special

Famous Roman orator Cicero once said, “Art is born of the observation and investigation of nature???. And when you look at nature, you find that love begets flamboyance (observe closely the courtship rituals in the animal kingdom).

The designers at JENNEN Shoes take both bits quite seriously, blending the most formal shoe design—Oxford—with the flamboyance of nature to create art: Mr. Webern and Mr. Aristotle.

When it comes to style, you can not go wrong with either of the picks. With classic features, reminiscent of formal shoes, such as wingtips and brogues, you can wear these shoes with confidence.

And just like nature, these wedding shoes are wild on their own. But pair these with the right coloured suit (think greys, charcoals or blues) and you’ll make yourself the envy of everyone’s eyes.

This is your personality—flamboyant, elegant and intelligent. What else do you need, Mr. Groom?


Because a wedding is never really short, it is important to take note of comfort in every shoe that you purchase—especially so if you intend to use a pair later, on other occasions.

Equally important is to understand what works with your partner and the location where the two of you have decided for your wedding.

For example, if the two of you are headed for a beachside wedding, oxford or derby wedding shoes won’t do you any good. Try sandals, flats or loafers for a breathy, summery feel.

At JENNEN, comfort and style are two important pillars of every product, along with elevator capabilities to help you stand taller, smarter and dapper. Every shoe comes with non-compressing polyurethane with patented JENNEN cushion comfort layer, along with built-in hidden lifts to give you an edge.

Want to shop for this wedding season? Buy a pair from JENNEN Shoes and become a part of over 200,000 men from Australia and across the world who stand tall and look sharp.

Article by Hussain Delhvi

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