June 1, 2019

Top 5 Elevator Shoes for Blue Suits

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Matching shoes with suits is not an easy task for a man who wants to stand out for the right reasons. The wrong elevator shoes can ruin your look and your performance if you are attending an important event. That’s why, in today’s post, JENNEN will tell you how to combine blue suits and height increasing shoes to enhance your appearance, boost your confidence and enter every room like you own the place.


Best Shoes for Blue Suits

Black Elevator Dress Shoes

Mr. Cavalli 7cm | 2.8 inches Taller Elevator Mens Wedding Shoes

Mr. Cavalli

You can’t go wrong wearing classic height increasing dress shoes. Black and navy blue look good together when one of them is predominant (in this case, the navy blue suit) and the other one is subtly present (in this case, the black elevator classic shoes). These two colors are dark and sober, they don’t outstand each other when combined, perfect for a very formal reunion. A lot of our clients opt for this combination for their big wedding day. In this post, you can check out our list of best elevator shoes for grooms.

Classic Brown on blue

Mr. Webern Brown 7cm | 2.8 inches Taller Brown Mens Oxford Shoes

Mr. Webern Brown

Some people might think that a blue suit and a pair of brown hidden heel shoes could look too common, but the trick to wearing the this classic colour combination and still attract everybody’s attention, relies on the details. Go for brown height increasing shoes that match the hue of your suit, but that can stand out by their own, like these metallic ones.

Warm brown elevator shoes

Live the high life

Mr. Parkinson Brown

The deep, warm brown hue of these elevator shoes is specifically chosen to create a harmonious and striking contrast with blue suits. Brown formal shoes are an ideal and tasteful choice, especially when paired with navy or charcoal gray suits. This combination not only exudes a classic and refined aesthetic but also highlights your attention to detail and style.

Brown vintage elevator shoes

7CM Taller

Mr. Pollock Brown

Wearing vintage everything is on trend right now. A good pair of vintage-inspired hidden heel shoes is what you should get if you want to improve your appearance in a blue suit. Aged leather will be very appealing visually, with different hues of dark brown. You can complete your overall look with an old-fashioned tie and a pocket square.

White elevator sneakers

Mr. Bizet 6cm | 2.4 inches Taller Height Increasing Sneakers

Mr. Bizet

This is a winning combo for the workplace if you work in a creative or not too uptight environment. A pair of white elevator sneakers can keep cool and modern even the most luxurious suit, especially if you combine it with a simple tee. This is a great option if you have a blue suit you usually don’t wear because you reserve it for formal events… but you don’t have too many of those scheduled in the near future. You can dress down your suit, make it part of your everyday casual look, and spare yourself from wearing a tie.

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