May 17, 2018

Will She Know I’m Wearing Elevator Shoes?

JENNEN Elevator Shoes | Worn by Hollywood Celebrities

When it comes to dating, the truth is that many women find taller men more attractive.

If you’re under 6ft and you’re reading this, don’t be disheartened.

Many women support the idea of elevator shoes for men, as elevator shoes give women the opportunity to wear the highest of high heels without towering over their men.

We’ve sold tens of thousands of our elevator shoes to women alone, who have visited our stores to purchase them for their partners.

If you’re wearing height-increasing shoes on a first date and you’re concerned that your date may notice, then you’re being a little paranoid.

Mr. Webern Brown 7cm | 2.8 inches Taller Brown Mens Oxford Shoes

From our experience in meeting thousands of repeat customers, we can confidently say that they won’t notice. If they comment on your JENNEN Shoes, it will most likely be a compliment on how good they look.

JENNEN Shoes look normal from the outside, so it is very difficult to notice that they add extra height without studying them at eye level.

It is also important to note that many women wear high heels when they dress up, so it’s likely she’ll be walking taller on your first date as well.

She’ll be wearing high heels because she loves how they match her outfit. They’ll also help her walk taller and look slimmer.

The same can be said for wearing elevator shoes. You’ll be wearing them because they’re on trend, they suit your attire and they’re comfortable to wear. They also help you to stand and walk taller with better posture.

It’s important to know that you’re not keeping a malicious secret. On a first date, there is a lot that you don’t know about each other, and so there is no obligation to state that you’re wearing shoes that make you taller.

Your personality, values and beliefs are your most important qualities.


However, if you’re still concerned that she’ll discover you’re wearing elevator shoes, read our tips below to help keep them discreet:

  • Sit down when taking off your elevator shoes and place your socks inside to conceal the lift. If you’re seated, there won’t be an obvious or sudden change in your height.
  • Wait until she has taken off her high heels before taking your elevator shoes off. If she’s wearing high heels, she’s going to be a lot shorter all of a sudden. It’s very unlikely that she’ll notice you’re slightly shorter.

If your date has come home with you or has invited you into her home, then she likes you. Your personality is most important from here on, and it will be easy to let her know that you wear JENNEN Shoes some other time in the future.

It’s not a big deal unless you make it a big deal.

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