February 23, 2021

Looking for a Wardrobe Change? Fashion and Style Tips for Shorter Men


Dress to look your best. Our style tips for shorter men will help give the appearance of being a little taller. These tips also take advantage of how the human eye works, to find clothes that best fit you proportionally.

Here are a few tips and ideas to look good, no matter your height. From patterns to discussing height increasing shoes that make you look taller, we love sharing fashion tips, so here are some style tips for shorter men.

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Avoid Oversized Clothing

Giving style tips for shorter men starts with avoiding oversized clothing. Saying that one should avoid oversized clothes is a no brainer, but what about the details in your clothes? Most clothing manufacturers don’t consider how their pockets, patches and logos will look on varying sized people. A pocket placed for a taller man will look out of place on someone inches shorter. Find shirts with either proportionally sized details like pockets. You could also consider wearing shirts without built in chest pockets. These are all better options for shorter men styles.

Low Contrast

The idea here is to appear larger and not bring attention to either your upper or lower body. If you bring more attention to your torso or legs, people will notice your height difference. What does low contrast mean? It means wearing similar, or the same colours for both tops and bottoms. This style tip helps shorter men look of more average height.

Small scale patterns

Shorter men look best in patterns that are smaller. A shirt with just a few vertical stripes may make you look smaller by comparison, whereas a shirt with many small vertical stripes will look more proportionate on your body.

Tighten Up

Find clothes that don’t look baggy. Clothes with some room to spare will make you look smaller because your clothes won’t appear to fit very well. This style tip for shorter men is especially true of shirts, sweaters and outerwear. Your upper body can look longer and leaner with more form fitting, tailored clothes. Look for athletic fits or have your clothes tailored.

Pattern on Top

Try shirts with patterns, but not pants with different colors or patterns. Patterned shirts will bring more attention to your top and midsection and make that part of your body look longer. Unusual patterns on your legs will draw attention to your lower half which can make you look shorter. Many of our style tips for shorter men are about making your body appear longer, and this one is easy to achieve.

Shoes for the short height man

Wear height increasing shoes, as shoes that make you look taller might be your best friend. You can wear height increasing shoes without them being an obvious attempt at height altering. JENNEN elevator shoes look like regular, stylish shoes. Another great style tip for shorter men is wearing low contrast shoes, which can hide the overall length of your body. This means wearing shoes that colour-match your pants or shorts. Well fitted pants can also hide the size of the soles of your shoes, if your height-increase shoes have thick outsoles. Shoes that make you taller can go a long way in obscuring your height from others.

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You can do a bit more with shoes too! Wearing pointed toe shoes makes your feet look a bit longer.. While wearing shorts, also wear shoes that don’t go above your ankle. This will make your legs look longer. Shoes for a short height man are pointed and have taller, less contrasted soles.

What kinds of shoes make you look taller?

Height increasing shoes should be low contrast as to not stand out. Height increasing shoes that are too obvious will bring more attention to your height. Shoes for short height men aren’t just about height increasing shoes. Instead, seek a simple design that fits the rest of your outfit. The best shoes for short men offer simple colours and shades.

Many women say the first thing they notice about a man is his shoes. Your intention should not be to attract attention to your feet, so shoes for a short height man should have basic designs. For shorter men, shoes that make you look taller should be elegant and sleek, like JENNEN Shoes.

Shoes that make you taller are easy to find too. Shoe makers know that they should make shoes for a short height man with basic colors and a non flashy style. The result is a range of height increasing shoes for a short height man.

Included in styles of shoes that make you look taller are boots and any sneakers with an extra 1.5??? to 2??? lift.

Don’t overdo shoes that make you look taller

Most importantly, being shorter doesn’t mean you should wear larger sized shoes. The right shoes for a shorter height man also fit well and don’t leave extra room in the heel or toe. Shoes that make you look taller are not worth the problems of poorly fitting shoes.

Suit style tips for shorter men

A well-fitted suit will help you look leaner and taller. A shorter suit jacket will also expose more of your legs and give the illusion of longer legs.

Combine a darker suit with low contrast pants and height increasing shoes to look sharp and taller at the same time.


Just like your upper body, find pants that fit well and make your legs look longer. Among our style tips for shorter men, this is one of the easiest to do. Consider tucking your shirt into your pants to make your legs look longer, as an untucked shirt can hide the top of your legs.


These style tips for shorter men will help you navigate the fashion world and find the right clothes to make you look taller. Generally speaking, low contrast clothes and tighter-fitting clothes will make you look leaner and taller. Shoes for men of a shorter height can also add to the perception of height and complete your look.

Justin Stewart, Content Writer @ JENNEN Shoes

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